My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

A Crow in the Field

on January 20, 2009

Death comes on swift wings

To those who battle takes

Their corpse immobile on the ground

While their spirit floats on high

The birds who pray begin to flock

They circle over head the scene

Waiting for the dead

Family members sit and pray

For good news of their loved ones

Both at home and away

In battles afar, across the seas

Across the skies, where life is changed

The culture and religion different

The war a whim of someone on high

Young men and boys are sent to fight

In our armies to their death

Leaving family and friends far behind

Goodbyes said with emotion flowing

A hand grasped tightly, with a squeeze

A hug, a smile, a lovers kiss

To send them off away from home

And lie in deaths everlasting bliss


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