My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 14.2

on January 16, 2009

A = always
B = brother
C = cosy
D = dog
E = easy
F = feel
G = ghost
H = help
I = involved
J = join
K = kill
L = leave
M = mighty
N = never
N = nice
O = opal
P = peace
Q = quiet
R = real
S = stop
T = tell
U = uniform
V = vital
W = wrapped
X = xray
Y = yellow
Z = zoo

K = I would kill to have a slim body
I = With involvement in my hobbies, I’m happy
R = The real question is am I right?
S = To stop searching is to stop learning
T = I can tell that I still have more to learn
Y = I don’t like the colour yellow
A = I’m always happy to help a friend
N = I’m never without an answer
N = I’m nice to get along with
E = My name is easy to see in a crowd


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