My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 10.8

on January 6, 2009

The energy ball through him across the room and caught him off guard as he prepared to throw the potion, instead it crashed to the ground, shattering into thousands of pieces. His blood soaked shirt stuck into the wound helping it to clot. How had he ended up here again? He found a place to hide as he gained his breath and let his thoughts wonder back to the beginning. Finding out hadn’t been easy – he’d grown up believing that magic didn’t exist, only to find out otherwise at eighteen. On the morning of his birthday all of his family had gathered with presents and after he’d finished opening the last one they encircled him, joining hands and forming a ring around him.

‘Now your time has come

And dark has set you free

Step into the light of the sun

We’ll help you to see

Your time is now

Words are few

Your powers will wow

As we give them to you’

It was officially the weirdest thing he had ever seen up until then. There was no change whatsoever in the atmosphere, no shaking of lights or rattling of furniture, just the rhyme. Now he was battling demons and spells and potions were part of his everyday life. What he wouldn’t give to be oblivious again, away from magic and leading a normal life with her. Except, now she was lay in a hospital bed fighting for her life and he; well he was on a mad rampage to kill as many demons as possible as his way of picking up the shattered pieces of his life.

Every time he closed his eyes the same fireball hit her square on her chest pushing her backwards across the room so she hit her head on the wall. She was rendered unconscious and had third degree burns across her chest. The demon got away. Helpless as he was at her bedside in the hospital, he was quite the opposite out here, hunting that demon down. Pissed off with an arsenal of potions and spells he began working his way through them, searching for the one who put her in that hospital bed. He would pay.

He grabbed a second potion he had carefully stashed in his pockets and threw it from his hiding place before dodging another energy ball coming at top speed. The vial smashed as it hit the demon and this time the pieces didn’t matter. The demon melted with a scream of pain. The only thing left of him was his athamea, it was the only thing that showed this demon even existed and with it, he could find the lair of the brotherhood he belonged to. The same brotherhood of the demon who had hit her with the fireball.

After spending some time preparing more potions and making sure they were strong enough, he picked up the athamea and strolled over to the map in the attic where he worked. Attaching a piece of string to the athamea at one end and an Amethyst crystal at the other he was able to scrie for the position of the lair. He used Amethyst as it is the most conductive crystal known and in his search for the demon he had come to use it out of habit rather than practicality, although this time was a bit of both.

‘Got it.’ The crystal stuck to the map and pointed the way to the lair.

Armed with his potions he shimmered there. Shimmering was his active power, his older brother said it was the cool power, although right now, energy balls would have been much more useful. He remembered the first time he had shimmered, completely by accident. It was later on that morning of his birthday and he wanted to get away from the weirdness of his family. He thought about going up to his bedroom and as he stood up to go it happened. When he arrived in his room, his entire body felt queasy. Glad I don’t feel like that every time I shimmer somewhere, it’d be a nightmare. He had landed flat on his bed and was glad to be lay down. His mum promised later on that the feeling of queasiness would start to dissipate and as he practiced his power more and more, he wouldn’t feel it at all, and he would have a better control over it. Of course she was right, magic was something she had been doing since she was eighteen as well. Over time the queasiness gradually got less and less and his accuracy got better and better. Still, he thought that being able to throw an energy ball would be much more practical. His dad could do that, his older brother was able to move things by telekinesis and mum could read people’s minds and emotions, she could also see into the future. Now those were some powers to contend with and when all four of them worked together they never failed.

This time he was working alone, trying to repair the pieces of his life. He threw the first lot of potions as he reappeared in the demons lair, the strength of them propelling demons across the room before causing their demise.

‘I will kill you for what you have done.’ An energy ball came from the corner of the room from one of the few remaining demons, amongst the screams of his ding brothers. ‘Even if I have to pick your brothers off one by one to find you, I will kill you.’


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