My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 10.5

on January 5, 2009


Months later as she sat on the bunk bed in her new dorm she wondered back to a carefree time before this place, where she was Daddy’s girl and nothing else mattered. Things were different then. The school she went to depended completely on where in the world her dad was posted. He was a Warrant Officer in the Royal Air Force and she was classed as an army brat. Time after school was spent exploring the station, spending time with her mum or taking part in a local community event.

Her bedroom was as well kept as any new recruits, used only for sleep or study. Instead when indoors she spent most of her time downstairs watching the television or talking about her day with her parents and listening to theirs. When she got the news that boarding school was on the cards she was taken completely by surprise. She didn’t want to have to stay in a dorm with people she’d never met before or go to classes with them. She wanted to be able to run across the station with her friends and get the bus to the local school with them. To be able to come home and tell her parents about her day and listen to theirs. She’d fight but she knew that her dad would get the final word, he always did.


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