My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 10.4

on January 5, 2009

Starting a Story in media res. 250 words using activity 7.4 p2, car crash.

His eyes are starting to flicker more and more now, the nurse says he’ll be awake soon. I’m glad, it’s been a long wait. A tap on the shoulder can’t hurt can it?

The room has been kept immaculate, the flowers and cards neatly in the corner waiting for his first glimpse. As I put my hand on his shoulder the doctors came in. I had seen them before, monitoring Riley while I watched, alone.

‘It’s okay, you can wake him up, he’s coming around anyway.’ The doctors face was kindly and I strained to smile back.

‘Riley?’ The word immerged a whisper from my lips as I shook his shoulder gently. His eyes opened slightly at the touch and then slowly he came around. The first thing he did was take in all the people in the room, me included.

‘Where are my mum and dad? I want to see them.’ His voice was so quiet I could barely hear him. I lifted some water to his lips to ease his dry throat as I spoke.

‘Honey you can’t. Can’t you remember what happened?’ He didn’t move but his eyes pleaded with me. ‘You don’t remember the accident?’

I knew it was a question the doctors would ask anyway, he’s been in a coma for three weeks. I felt a kindly hand on my shoulder as Riley’s Nan ushered me out of the room.

‘Let the doctors see to him now Love, he’s in good hands.’

Total word count: 247


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