My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 10.3

on January 5, 2009

Riley’s 5 habitual things:

* Bites his nails when nervous

* Looks at his feet when shy

* Takes a lot for Riley to get angry but he uses keep fit as an escape

* Runs at the same time every morning

* Only buys one newspaper and gets it daily.

Start of the story inc. the above in 250 words:

Riley had already been out for his morning run, six fifteen as usual, around the same block. He’d been running more frequently of late though as the police were talking about shelving the investigation. It annoyed him that his parents should matter so little to them, just another case.

As he stood at the newspaper stand waiting for Joe to pass him his usual daily paper, Riley was bumped into from behind. His anger boiling from months of stress, he turned around ready to berate the offender, only to find a young woman. Blue eyes sparkling over the rim of her glasses.

‘I’m so sorry.’ She fumbled to pick up something she had dropped in the clash. Riley bent down at the same time and passed it across.

‘It was entirely my fault, I was blocking the pavement where I was standing.’ He shifted his feet side to side under his own watchful gaze, unable to lift his eyes to meet hers.

‘Thank you.’ She accepted her belongings and started to move off before turning back abruptly. ‘Do you fancy a drink? Coffee?’

‘Erm, sure.’ He accepted his paper off Joe with a nod before following the nameless beauty to a coffee shop over the road. He noticed as she passed him a cup that he had been biting his nails without realising.

‘I’m Elizabeth –Liz for short.’

Total word count – 228


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