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Christmas Day – The Last Advent Poem

on December 25, 2008

December 25th Christmas Day
The last of the advent poems!

I would like to thank Lauren for this challenge as having never written any poetry before I was rather nervous about the next section of my course.  Since 1st December though I have got 25 new poems to edit and work on as and when I please and the confidence to know that even if I don’t have the format and metre of a poem quite down yet, that I will learn that after Christmas.  I hope you all enjoy the last of my advent poems for this year, who knows maybe I’ll do it again next year?

Christmas day is here at last
And the pile of presents gets unwrapped fast
Santa’s filled the stockings on the bed
While siblings sleep and dream instead
Children of the world wake with glee
When they open their eyes and look to see
That someone special has been to call
And on their list his tick the boxes all
Parents watch as children snatch
At the wrapping paper where toys hatch
The rubbish is growing tall in the corner
And mum has found a present just for her
It been hidden, and covered well
Under the tree it was left to dwell
What a lovely surprise to find,
That after all this time, can read her mind
And choose for her the perfect gift
A smile on the children’s face and no rift
For families this is a special time
Filled with happiness, songs, smiles and rhyme
So to one and all I’d like to say
I hope you have a lovely Christmas Day!


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