My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 9.9 (3)

on December 21, 2008

Part Three – Mixture of the Two – The Children Were Bored.

She felt sorry for the group sat around the table at the back of her classroom. As usual they’d finished the activity on the board much quicker than the rest of the class.

‘Do you think Miss would mind if I bring my book in to read tomorrow after we’ve finished?’ Dawn whispered to one of the other girls sat at the table who was sat doodling on a spare piece of paper.

‘No. Do you like my drawings?’ Linzi asked.

‘Yeah,’ Mark cut in. ‘Why don’t you do stuff like that in art?’

She shrugged her shoulders and continued to draw on the last piece of paper she had.

The teacher knew that these five would do really well in the SAT exams that they were currently preparing for. She had no doubts other than that she wasn’t pushing them hard enough to reach the higher marks that they were capable of, they were being held back by the rest of the class. She’d have to start doing worksheets for these separate from the rest of the children’s. She walked across to them and crouched down to them.

‘Has everyone on this table finished?’

‘Yes,’ Dawn replied while the others nodded their heads. ‘Can I bring my book in to read after the practice questions tomorrow Miss?’ She continued.

‘You can but I’m going to be setting you some harder questions tomorrow.’ She stood and walked back to the front of her classroom.

‘I’m going to bring it in anyway.’ Dawn whispered, she frowned at Mark as he tapped his pen on the table.


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