My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 9.9 (2)

on December 21, 2008

Part Two – Dialogue –The Children Were Bored.

‘Do you think it will be like this every afternoon?’ Dawn whispered to one of the other girls sat at the table. She shrugged her shoulders slightly in response. ‘I might bring my book in tomorrow just in case,’ she continued. ‘Do you think Miss will mind?’

‘Nah. I’m getting fed up as well. Do you like my drawings Dawn?’ Linzi asked.

‘They’re good. Why don’t you do stuff like that when we do art?’Mark cut in.


‘Has everyone on this table finished?’ The teacher asked as she crouched to the children’s seated height.

‘Yes.’ Dawn replied as the others nodded. ‘Miss, can I bring my book in to read tomorrow afternoon after the practice questions. It’s boring waiting for everyone else to finish.’ She spoke quietly not wanting to disturb the rest of the class who were still working.

‘If you want Dawn, I’m going to do some separate worksheets for this table as well so you might not have time to read.’

‘Okay Miss.’ She said as the teacher stood up. ‘I’m going to bring it in anyway.’ She said as she turned back to the other children on the table.


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