My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 9.5

on December 21, 2008

A Characters Back Story

She was what’s known as an ‘army brat’ even though her dad was in the RAF. For years they’d moved from station to station, place to place without hesitation at short notice. Kind tempered like her mum but built like her dad, her dark hair and eyes a stark contrast to her pale skin. Never a complaint about having to change schools every year or having to make new friends, she enjoyed the changes and worshipped her dad. Her room was kept in pristine condition as if she was the one in the RAF, not him. She liked to help her mum around the house because mum has a bad back, this was always done before homework. An avid writer she kept in touch with many of the girls from different primary schools that she had been to. A little girl ready to face the challenges of another new school with pigtails in her hair and her favourite pencil case. Now she sat in the dorm of her new boarding school, arranging her stationary on the desk, she wouldn’t be changing schools again for the next seven years. She was determined not to let that get her down but to study and do as well as possible for her dad.


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