My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 10.1

on December 21, 2008

Woman in Crisis. (Wrote as a soliloquy)

I want another baby. I love being a mum, I never see her now though – she’s always off somewhere with her dad while I sit at home alone, cleaning or cooking. Little miss ‘can do no wrong’. I can’t even tell her off – she goes running to daddy who then has a go at me and we end up arguing. I’m fed up of it. She has no limits – no structure at all! Bed time when she feels like it can’t be arsed doing her homework and her dad’s wrote that many fake notes that I’m surprised her teachers even ask for it now. He’s always bailing her out. As for P.E. I don’t think she’s ever done a lesson in her life.

I wouldn’t spoil the next one. I was never spoiled and I turned out fine didn’t I? I think I did anyway. My dad never had time to help with homework between work and hitting the booze he didn’t really have time for stuff like that. I don’t think he would have been very good anyway. He wasn’t really an academic per sé, he was the sort of person that used to guess and hope he’d got it right. No wonder he had such a crap job. I think I’d drink as well if I had to do that.

Well if I can’t have another baby here and I’m just going to get shouted at or ignored then I might as well just be somewhere else. I’ll phone my sister and see if I can go and stay with her for a while. Just until I get somewhere else to live. I might as well start packing too, if I leave anything here I’ll never get it back. He’ll throw it all in the bin. How do I go about getting a divorce as well? I think I need a lawyer for that. I’ll wait until I’m away from here first otherwise my life will be a living hell. Not that it isn’t already.


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