My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 8.6 P2

on December 17, 2008

Second Person Narrative

Intimidating Writing Rules

You must always check your spelling, bad spelling makes you look bad; read before you write; make sure you have a plan; it’s a waste of time writing six chapters to find out that you can’t complete the story; write for writings sake. Always keep a notebook with you and use it, you’ll forget otherwise. Write everyday; vary your writing and try different things, no one likes to read the same thing over and over; you might find a different style that you like. Show people your work and ask for feedback; don’t be put off by negative comments or criticism use it to your advantage to fine tune your work, it will help you learn to improve. Once you’ve finished writing read it and then rewrite, good work never happens on its own. Learn how to edit otherwise you’ll never have anything more than your first draft, read widely, look at other authors and genres; analyse them, is there something you can learn from them? If there isn’t then reread and reanalyse, you can always learn something new, if you have stopped learning then you might as well stop writing.


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