My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 8.5 P2

on December 17, 2008

2) Third Person Omniscience

A deadly silence filled the chapel, some nervous coughs emanating from the back pews were the only noises made where people were starting to wonder what was going on. Billy; the groom stood at the altar fidgeting. Sam was twenty minutes late, he knew she wasn’t coming – and why. The colour in his cheeks changed and his ears heated up, he imagined that everyone could see the redness about him which only made it worse. He shook his head to the priest.

She isn’t coming and it’s up to me to tell them. I wonder what this one has done to cause this. What a waste of time, effort and money.

‘Would you like me to tell them for you William?’

‘Yes please.’ I can’t face them all, it’s my fault and at some point I’m going to have to explain but not now, I’m not ready for this. Great, if I could turn back time I’d probably still be stupid enough to make the same mistake again.

Ladies and gentlemen,’ his voice was soft but carried all the way to the back of the church with ease. I need a microphone, I’m fed up of shouting all the way to the back of the church. ‘I’m sorry to inform you that the wedding which we have gathered here for this afternoon will no longer be taking place. My apologies for any inconvenience.’ He looked around at all of the guests before continuing. ‘If you could please make your way to the main doors.’ He’s never going to live this one down. People will remember this for ages.

The ushers stood to guide the guests back out to the car park. James moved towards Billy at the altar. I wonder what he’s done to cause this.

‘What’s going on mate?’

‘She’s not coming.’ Talk about stating the obvious. I can’t believe he’s asking me that stupid question.

‘What’s happened?’ I’m going to have to relay this to all those people outside waiting for answers. I really shouldn’t have said yes to the best mans job.

‘I think she must know. There’s no other reason that I know of.’

The pat on his shoulder was full of pity. James led Billy down the aisle towards the exit. They paused only to thank and apologise to the priest.


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