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Observations made on the way to Sheffield

on December 3, 2008

Observations made on the way to Sheffield

The bus routes in Yorkshire area aren’t in the slightest direct, its as though someone took a piece of ribbon, run a pair of sharp curling scissors down it and laid it on a map, following the curves to create the route.

Rotherham town centre is like any other I’ve seen, I could have been in Ashton seventy miles away on a bus and I wouldn’t have known the difference! The streets are scruffy and dull, the people on them seem sullen faced.

Sheffield’s one way system would confuse even the most experienced navigator with the best sense of direction! I think I’ve seen every part of the city centre from the modern glass buildings of Hallam University, to the old style shopping malls and the road works in between just on a single bus journey!

Walking through Sheffield the streets curve around each other just like a garden maze. The hedges are buildings too tall to see above and find your way through to the exit an aimless wander ensues. One turn too many and find a blocked in street. People shouting and selling their wares on the market stalls lining the walls. Turn around and retrace your steps or find a map and street name. The background music changes as you move through this city which could become your new home. Evaluating the areas as you pass through will this place be for you? There’s nowhere like home.

The paving tiles on the floor remind me of the games I used to play when walking down the street, silly games and rhymes to match. ‘Don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your back’ Childish I know but its just a memory now of placing my feet exactly between the cracks on the floor.

At the platform people spread themselves out, the crowd looking dispersed and thinned. Each individual lost in thought hoping that when the train pulls up they’ll be close to the doors, the front of the queue no pushing and shoving, one step to the freedom to choose the best seat on the carriage. Then it arrives, pulls right up the station and people flock without hesitation. Fifty metres out some just five or ten, the pushing and shoving it all starts again.


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