My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

The Blank Page

on December 2, 2008

Be it white, blue or yellow, pink, purple or green
That has to be the worst thing I have ever seen
A big open space but how to begin
The start of the tale just won’t slide in

The middle and end we don’t write first
A sentence that you’ve long since rehearsed
From being little in your primary class
When stories were monsters no finesse just crass

Ten lines was a story when you were that age
Pretty soon you found you could write a whole page
The words just came out in essays or form
For class or for homework it’s no fun at all

But now you’re older and school has gone
You forgot that normally we start at one
One little word somewhere on that page
And before you know it you’re in a writing rage!


One response to “The Blank Page

  1. Ally says:

    Another good\’un! I like the way you start with the argumentative page, the one that wont listen, then go into the pages that would accept any old thing! It shows that we overthink things when we\’re older. Maybe you could change \’From being little\’ to \’From being a child\’ or even \’When you were a child in your primary class/The stories were monsters; no finesse, all crass.\’Reading it through again, the first two lines of stanza 2 don\’t seem to run with the last two lines. Maybe you should try breaking it up and experiment with putting the rhyming couplets in different orders?

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