My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 7.8

on November 27, 2008

Write an alternating first person account.

I’ve never argued with my Dad like that before, we always used to get on so well with each other. That is before Brian came onto the scene. Of course Brian and I spend a lot of time together – we’re engaged! He still treats me like his ‘little girl’. Well I’m not! He has to realise that I’ve grown up now and I want to start a family of my own – of course I’ll always love my dad, but Brian, I love him as well. In a different way of course.

Dad didn’t like Brian from the start. He tried hard not to, I mean, I’m supposed to be the child here and he’s acting more immature than my five year old nephew! He’s never tried to like him, just decided that that was that and did everything he could think of to stop us being together. Grounding me, not letting me use the phone. That sort of thing. You’d think that ten years on he’d get the message but obviously not because at twenty four I’m still arguing with him about the fact that we want to get married. I don’t think it’ll ever end but he won’t stop us getting married – I’m not giving in!

She’s so stubborn! Well, I suppose her mother always used to say she took after me, no one to blame but myself. I just don’t want her to marry him for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes I could be certain she’s doing it to spite me, but anytime I bring him up our tempers get the better of us and we end up arguing like earlier. Although, I must admit, we’ve never argued like that before.

He’s a bum! I’ve never known him go and work a day in his life, he siphons her money until she’s none left leaving her short every month and never tells her what it’s for. I could understand if he did something with his time but he doesn’t. He just sits on his backside playing on that bloody computer all day and expects my baby girl to pay his way through life! Well he’s not gonna carry on. Not if I’ve got anything to do with it. How on earth do they expect to pay for a wedding. I only want my little girl to be happy.


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