My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 7.5

on November 27, 2008

Write a 500 word memory showing that first person narration is fallible.

I thought I would always remember this, but over time it has become blurred. Of course I was only young, nine or ten, I’m not sure. I don’t remember anything of the ceremony except crying – although I do remember that I was the only one of the bridesmaids that didn’t tear my tights. Mum’s dress was lacy, and I think it was knee length, I can’t see her in the photograph though. She may have already left by then, they left the reception early to go on their honeymoon, Blackpool I think. I stayed with Gran for the week.

There was some excitement at the reception as well, it was at the Half Way House as I recall, the local pub. Anyway, us kids were bored, so we decided to play tag. It probably wasn’t the best of game choice for a crowded pub. I was ‘it’ and I was chasing my cousin. Over excited after fizzy drinks all day and cakes from the buffet, I tagged him. Rather hard as I remember, not on purpose of course but it did cause him to hit his head. He ended up having to go to hospital for stitches on his forehead from what I remember and I felt guilty for ages. It was a strange end to the wedding.


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