My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 7.4

on November 21, 2008

Part One

Riley preparing to deal with a problem

I wonder what’s going to happen next? I’ve got to get things sorted at home, we can’t carry on the way we have been recently, it’s killing us. The tension’s becoming unbearable and all she’s trying to do is help. I’ll buy her a bunch of flowers on the way home to say thank you. Maybe even a meal out for tea. Never know, it might bring back some of that sparkle we haven’t seen for a while now.

My desk’s full of papers as usual. The molehills grow into mountains on a daily basis here. The computer is full of junk emails that I’ll have to sift through just to find the work ones and the filing wont do itself. I best get a move on, there is no way I’ll get done and get home in time for taking her out for tea if I don’t start now. Best tell her not to cook anything.

Hi honey its me. Don’t do tea tonight, Ill explain later.


I really need to stop talking to myself, people will start to think I’m a bit of a loon, they’ll start to wonder. Let’s get ready to face the music at home, talk it out. Now, where did I put that file?

Part Two

The Car Crash

Being shook awake was the worst thing they could have done. Coming around in those bright lights with the doctors and nurses standing over me. They all looked so sad, my Nana was there and I remember the look on her face exactly. Pale white, tear stained and tired.

‘Where are mum and dad? I want to see them.’ My voice was a murmur, my dry throat grating as I spoke.

‘Honey you can’t. Can you remember what happened?’ I tried shaking my head but it hurt to move. The pillow was solid. ‘You don’t remember the accident?’

‘I remember driving on the M1 motorway.’ There was a beeping behind my ears now. One of the stupid machines I was linked to. Closing my eyes didn’t help, it made it even louder, more annoying. ‘I remember coming off the services, dad was moaning about the price of the sweets he’d bought.’ That was dad, he always complained when it came to money. ‘I remember indicating back onto the motorway and then. And then you woke me up. What’s going on? What happened I want mum and dad, where are they?’ I was in a panic. And then the awful news came, they were dead. Killed in the car that I was driving.


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