My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 6.6 Part one

on November 19, 2008

A character bored at work

This floor’s been swept that many times today it should be spotless. The job would be so easy without customers. Unfortunately they’re kind of the reason I actually have this job. It’s a quiet day though, a week day and with the credit crunch selling suits isn’t the easiest thing to do. Apart from weddings, funerals and job interviews what do you wear them for?

I’ve rearranged the suits in the window I’ve been that bored today and we’ve rearranged the store layout too. Stock take next week, the back rooms starting to empty now, floor needs mopping as well before I can sweep it. Might go and do that now actually, at least I won’t have to listen to the other guys moaning in there, its not big enough. The walls are stacked with shirts and suits, the floor covered in boxes full of ties and cuff links. I’ve not done the tie rack today. Oh well. I’ll do it later, the kids have been messing with them again. Anyway, while I’m in the stock room I can have a look at the internet on my phone. I’ve not been on it all day, I want to have a look at facebook and see what the rest of the world has been doing. I can check my email while I’m in there as well. It’s easy, I’ll just stick the wet floor sign out at the door and start mopping with one hand while I use my phone with the other. It’s not like we’ll get any customers before four o’clock anyway and I’m on till six. Everyone’s going to miss their targets today now anyway. We’ve got some work to do at the weekend to make up for it and hit our weekly sales targets. I’ve drifting off track now, facebook. What are people doing? The mop buckets full and once again there’s no detergent! I wish people would just get a new one out, it’d only take a minute if that. The area managers in later on as well, he’s visiting another store at the minute. Actually I’d better get a move on, if I’m gonna get everything done by then. I bet no one in the front has even thought about anything in there. I bet they’re still propping up the counter.

One damp cloth – they can tidy up in there while I do the rest in here, didn’t seem to be much going on in the world of face book anyway and my emails were all junk mail, the usual.

I wish someone would just walk in here and offer me a new job. I’m so fed up in here, I feel like a cleaner instead of a store assistant.


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