My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 6.3

on November 14, 2008


The large oak door loomed as she approached the school with her mum and dad. They’d been before for a visit but now she had her cases and uniform it looked somewhat sinister to her; as if the world behind the door would be full of darkness and shadows. She was terrified. The drive way seemed to elongate as they drove down it at a dirge keeping to the speed limit of the school grounds. The gravel under the tyres was crunching and shifting to make way for the weight of the little car.

The windows from the outside looked like eyes, large and staring, with the curtains partly drawn it was as if the school was scrutinising her, deciding if she was good enough to stay here and the feeling was compounded by her mum wittering on about her grades here and the term fees. She nodded her head absently still looking up at the school. They wouldn’t be entering through the big oak door thankfully, that was for visitors and she was no longer a visitor but a pupil. No. They drove passed the old oak wooden door and her dad followed the road around to the female dorms.

There was a teacher waiting for them just outside the eighteenth century building, the outside looking more than dilapidated but the inside she knew from her day visit, was recently renovated to match the period building and features. She took a deep and silent breath before stepping out of the car with her parents to greet the nameless teacher. An entire term lay in front of her before she was able to go back home to the sanctity of her own room and her own friends. Even her nagging parents would be better than this place.

She was worried. She didn’t know anyone that came here already and when she had been shown around it was during the school holidays so there wasn’t anyone for her to meet then either. The other pupils were starting to arrive now as well, it was the day before the new term and people were coming back from their own homes, in the UK or abroad. They all seemed so confident and assured of themselves. There was something that scared her even more, she didn’t feel that there would be anybody that she could approach or even talk to. What would she do? The teacher walked her up to the dorm after her parents had left, somehow, now they were going the car no longer seemed like it was driving a dirge, it was now a speeding bullet leaving her view within in seconds. The room was tiny, with a little space for clothes and a desk to do her homework at, once she’d put her case down and her bag on the bed she was invited to go to lunch. She declined the teachers offer, not wanting to sit alone in the vast dining room with people looking at her she shook her head and sat down on the bed.


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