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Activity 5.7

on November 14, 2008

Activity 5.7 – Show a character in 5 ways using a short scene.


Riley was like most middle aged men. He was competitive and played a lot of sport finding it helped to relieve the tension and stress of work and his family. Both seemingly going nowhere while he was working hard at both of them and finding them increasingly difficult. (Interpretation)

The shorts and tee-shirt he wore for sports were a stark contrast to his usual business suits; smart and sombre even though the company has a pro-active attitude and policy about wearing comfortable clothing and most of the employees wear jeans and a tee-shirt instead of the more formal business suit. (Appearance)

His latest victim was the boss, a long time colleague and friend. The guy had just started to play badminton and thought he could win.

No way, I’ve played this game three times a week since the accident and competed in tournaments. You don’t get that good in a few weeks but hey, I’ll take it down a notch or two to make it fairer. He thought. (Direct thought)

Riley swung his racket around and walked on to the court ready to warm up. (Action)

‘You ready Greg? I’m getting bored waiting!’ He shouted jovially in a mock stance tapping his watch. (Speech) Not that I’m not going to be bored. Oh well, a work out’s a work out I suppose, he thought to himself as he took up a service position on the opposite side of the court


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