My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 5.3

on November 14, 2008


Tanicia, small structure, with long brown hair, bright blue eyes. Very out going and authorative. Stubborn, strong willed, relentless. Bubbly personality, lots of friends and a busy diary for work and for pleasure. Close with family.


Anya, slim black hair dark skin, hazel cat like eyes. A look of a gypsy. Metholodical, shy and studious immersed in work with only a small select group of friends who she knows well but rarely sees. Kind and generous, always willing to help. Sensitive


Rentallis, very tall, around 6’7” and stocky build. Head completely shaved but always a grey/brown goatee neatly trimmed. Demanding. Skilled in his craft. Crafty and cunning, Wears smart clothes and is able to motivate people with ease. Likes to work alone.


Arawn – the submissive, sensitive side of Rentallis, blonde hair and a clean shaven face every morning. Quiet beyond recognition and a slight lisp and stutter. Able to keep Tanicia happy at all costs. Is more comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt than the suits of his alter ego. Does as told straight away and is a good companion. In bed still has a lot of the fire of Rentallis burning inside him. Muscular and has a lot of stamina.


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