My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Writing from the Weekend

on October 31, 2008

Activity 5.1

Mai, in her mid fifties had always been conscious about her appearance. From her clothes and make up, to the latest hair style. The last four years had worn her down though. Now, instead of the once gorgeous, shimmering brown locks, a bottle of dye took its place. She said she’d only gone grey because of the kids from school. Swore blindly that it was them that had run her ragged. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that she had been poorly for so long. The persistent cough that the doctors couldn’t fix and even the herbal medicine she carried in her purse had stopped working as a remedy.

As she coughed once again at the front of the class her fingers brushed against the old silver locket. Aged as it was, bought many years before by her late husband the inscription still shone brightly with the immortal words of love. Too late, he was gone.

She sat down and continued to work at the new laptop she’d been given by the head of the department as her students studied the conflict in their latest war novel or revised from their Anthology. A hand shot up into the atmosphere as one of the more eager students told her he had run out of paper and could he borrow a pencil? His had snapped and he didn’t have a sharpener. She reached over the laptop into the pot of freshly sharpened pencils and passed it to the boy along with the extra paper before returning to the matrix of results on the screen. She was thanking God it was nearly half term. She needed a short break and the holiday should do her some good.

Activity 5.2

Her bright hair, strawberry blonde in colour streams from behind her helmet as she takes yet another jump perfectly on her beloved horse, his muscles shining with sweat but still well toned for his elderly body. Horse and rider have known each other for fourteen years, worked together daily since the jockey was a little girl. As she got older and a bond formed the pair began to enter into small jumping competitions, a ribbon added to the collection always inevitably led to a night with the girls to celebrate – no consequences. It’s hard to believe the fun loving, horse riding bad girl has now settled down with her partner and although jumping part time, she is an accountant, with a nine to five desk job dealing with numbers. Still stereotypes don’t always fit.

Activity 5.3


Tanicia, small structure, with long brown hair, bright blue eyes. Very out going and authoritive. Stubborn, strong willed, relentless. Bubbly personality, lots of friends and a busy diary for work and for pleasure. Close with family.


Anya, slim black hair dark skin, hazel cat like eyes. A look of a gypsy. Methodical, shy and studious immersed in work with only a small select group of friends who she knows well but rarely sees. Kind and generous, always willing to help. Sensitive


Rentallis, very tall, around 6’7” and stocky build. Head completely shaved but always a grey/brown goatee neatly trimmed. Demanding. Skilled in his craft. Crafty and cunning, Wears smart clothes and is able to motivate people with ease. Likes to work alone.


Arawn – the submissive, sensitive side of Rentallis, blonde hair and a clean shaven face every morning. Quiet beyond recognition and a slight lisp and stutter. Able to keep Tanicia happy at all costs. Is more comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt than the suits of his alter ego. Does as told straight away and is a good companion. In bed still has a lot of the fire of Rentallis burning inside him. Muscular and has a lot of stamina.

Activity 5.4



I’m sick of being expected to babysit at the drop of a hat, it’s like I don’t have my own life at all. Heather do this, do that. No mention of thanks ever. Its not as if I don’t have a lot to do. Between my engineering at college, looking after my little brother and going to cadets to improve my chances of getting into the Royal Air Force I barely have time to see Tom – he’s my boyfriend. Or even my best mate, well unless I’m babysitting like I am most weekends, then I call her to come over if Tom’s working. A bit of fun wouldn’t go amiss once in a while though. I feel like I’ve already lived my life and that’s it.


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