My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

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on October 20, 2008

Christmas  is  coming

Memories  flowing   freely

People  now  and  then


Loving  memories

Of  good  times  past  and  present

Sometimes  make  us  cry


Christmas  candles  lit

The  flame  burning fiercely

Keeping  cold  outside


The  strength  within  me

Comes  from  my  past  and  present

Helping  my  future


When  is  Santa  here?

The  snow  is  falling  lightly

Reindeer  tracks  on  roofs


A  child  has  love

Stored  deep  within  their  body

And  warmth  all  over


Advent  chocolate

Candy  canes  and  sticky  hands

The  tree  gets  lighter


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