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Spark Word – Fireworks

on October 16, 2008

Bonfire night used to be special.  It used to mean a night out with Dad to see the display, to go to the fair and be a kid.  I remember the haunted house ride that was never scary, never real.  The ghosts were just white sheets, the vampires – actors in a suit with fake fangs and fake blood.  I remember younger kids screaming and older kids mocking whilst the parents laughed.


Bonfire night was the first time in the year when I had to wear gloves and Dad always bought me a pair of magic gloves, the ones that stretch to any size, its funny that at twenty three I still buy the same type.  They still fit perfectly with the little white none slip pads on the fingers.  They weren’t just for the cold though – they never were.  My parents had a thing about fire and so did I, ever since my mum got burnt when I was seven I’ve always been weary.


The gloves were to protect my fingers from the sparklers that I was allowed to hold while I was out.  By the end of the night though they would always be holding candyfloss as well.  Always a big bag always pink for Daddy’s little princess.  I always got what I wanted, even when Mum said ‘No’.


One response to “Spark Word – Fireworks

  1. nadine says:

    Hiya Hun, tiz me Nadine. i love this, very well written xxxxxxxxxx

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