My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Describe an encounter with a ghost

on October 13, 2008
This one just seemed right as its nearing Halloween…

Some people talk about haunted houses, others talk of poltergeist, a few talk of seeing people where they died and claim to have the sixth sense.  The ability to talk to those that have passed on, to pass messages on to their family members left behind.  Although not everyone believes in the afterlife those that do can sometimes provide a gullible market for those that are good at telling lies and making money.

I don’t claim to have the sixth sense at all, I’ve sometimes felt a presence around me, something that I cant explain to other people, it’s as if someone is stood over me – looking over my shoulder almost.  Other times I’ve had dreams about people I’ve never met, in places I’ve never been.  I’ve known all about them and had conversations with them, in the morning the only thing I’m left with is a vague image and a slight notion of what we were talking about.

There is one time that stands out though, it was different, I don’t think I was dreaming.  I was sleeping in the ‘box room’ at Grans, the smallest bedroom, it just about fit a bed and the wardrobe.  I think I woke up, if not I woke into a dream.  My Granddad was stood at the foot of the bed, smiling down on me, he never spoke and although he’d been dead more than ten years, I wasn’t scared in the slightest.  I remember he was wearing a light blue cardigan and grey trousers, his glasses were pushed right up to the top of his nose and magnified his sparkling eyes.  Why I wasn’t scared I don’t know.  The room was warm and I was comforted.  I still sometimes feel the same presence, my Granddad’s warm arms keeping me safe in the night.


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