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A scene about desire…

on October 8, 2008



Make a character desire something; make the desire the driving force.  Write a scene or a summary that creates reasons why they can never have what they want.


Sam came around to the beeping of machines and bright sterile white lights, not sure where she was and groggy she tried to sit up.  Her body didn’t react to her wants at all. 


            ‘I’m here Babe, it’s okay.’  He whispered as he took hold of her hand.  Her fingers were icy cold and unresponsive in his own.  ‘You’re okay.’

            ‘I feel awful James what happened?  Where am I?’  The words came tumbling out and she couldn’t stop them.  ‘The last thing I remember was…’  She paused.  ‘Was being in the car on my way to my first posting, I was in the car and then,’ another pause, her face contorted as she tried to remember.  ‘Then I don’t know.’  She finished lamely. 

James eyes sparkled with fresh tears where they were dry from sitting and waiting, from not sleeping in case Sam woke up.  He looked down on her, so fragile under the pure white sheet and took a deep cleansing breath.

            ‘Do you want me to help you sit up?’

She nodded, mute from wondering why James knew she couldn’t sit up herself.  She allowed him to lift her so she was propped up on the pillows behind her.  Her head turned slightly to the right in the direction of the beeping and saw the machines for the first time.  It dawned on Sam in that moment where she was and gave her some clue as to what had come next on her was to RAF Marham.  Her eyes followed the wires and tubes from the machines to her body and back again.  She looked to James perched on the edge of the bed trying not to disturb them and could tell he was readying himself to tell her the worst.

Sam had a sinking feeling that her initial officers training and all her fast jet training had been for naught, whatever had happened in the car would stopped her from fulfilling her dreams.  Tears rolled silently down her cheeks as she waited for James to tell her what had happened and fill in the missing pieces of the jigsaw.  He took Sam by the hand and held her close, his arms supporting her back as she rested her head on his shoulder.

            ‘Please tell me what happened?’  He voice was soft and almost pleading to know the rest of the story.

            ‘You were travelling down to Marham in the car from home, you’d just stopped off at the services, do you remember?  You called me to let me know where you were.  You weren’t far at all, maybe an hour away at most.’  Sam shook her head slowly and James carried on.  ‘From what the police told us, you came out of the services on to the slip road at around forty and swerved to avoid a bike.  They saw that much on the closed circuit T.V from the services.  They think the bike was racing a car because you then had to swerve again as the car pulled into your lane.  It seems you didn’t get out of the way quick enough because the car slammed into your door and pushed you onto the hard shoulder and into the barrier.’  James paused to see what Sam’s reaction was like.  She was still sobbing quietly on his shoulder.

            ‘I don’t remember any of that.’

He stroked her hair in a soothing manner and unconsciously tightened his grip around her body as if he could protect her from the rest of what happened.

            ‘When they got you out of the car, they thought’ he took a breath before he carried on.  ‘They thought you were dead.  You were unconscious.  Four broken ribs, both of your legs were broken and your arm was gushing blood from the glass in your windscreen.’  Sam lifted her head and surveyed her body.  She could see the scar forming at the top of her arm, about six inches in length, but she looked to her legs slightly perplexed.

            ‘If my legs were broken why aren’t they in plaster to help them set?’

            ‘You did Sam; this is going to be hard for you.  Your accident was eight weeks ago, the plaster was taken off last week.  You’ve been in a coma all that time.’  He heard her sharp intake of breath as he finished the sentence.

            ‘Where are we then?’

            ‘We’re in Tameside hospital, your mum and dad wanted you to be closer to home so they moved you last week.  They’ll be here soon.’  James glanced at his watch to check the time.

            ‘What about work James?’

            ‘The stations medical centre has been kept up to date with the situation and your condition three times a week.  You’re on long term sick leave at the moment.’

            ‘What a great start to my career.’  She laughed, but half-heartedly.  ‘Will I?’  She left the question unasked.       

            ‘I don’t know Babe.  You have pins in both your legs and they said you would struggle to walk at first, the RAF are optimistic though, they think three months and you’ll be on light duties.’  Sam nodded dumbstruck.  It was a lot to take in.

            ‘I’m tired.’  It was all she could say before closing her eyes.



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