My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

A174 Activity 1.3

on October 5, 2008

First Attempt

The walls of the house were well spaced but no matter how she looked at them they seemed to be getting closer together. She didn’t know the house and it wasn’t hers although she had moved most of her belongings in.  The comforting teddy bear on the bed, its usual smile commonplace in the evening at bed time seemed strange and somehow different, the room filling gradually with her clothes and trinkets, still not her own.

The endless garden to the back held no memories for her of children playing in the grass or planting flowers.  This world was strange and not her own, it had been made from someone else’s love and toil and she had had no part in that at all.

Second Attempt

She padded bear foot across the big, empty laminate flooring of the living room.  The cold seeped through into her body, the heating off.  The fireplace was dark and had been unused for years.  The leather sofa loomed towards her as the walls closed in on her, unmoving.  The house was now supposed to be her home but it was still bricks and mortar, a building, nothing more.  It had been made from someone else’s hard work, someone else’s love.

The garden stretched out, an endless lawn with no where to go.  She had no memories here; there were no images of children running in her mind a she looked.  The flowers she had planted with her mum were somewhere else, they were at home. 


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