My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Daily Haiku

on October 2, 2008


Tremendous forests

Covering mountains in mist

Roof’s touching the sky


White magic sparkles

Dark magic dies in the sun

Wands shoot spells with ease


Photo’s remember

Bring memories back to life

Sorrow and laughter


Tiggers love to bounce

Tail springs and claws grab hold

Up trees, branch to branch


Wedding bells ring bliss

Heaven on Earth in a kiss

A new life starts here


My hamster sleeps now

His cheeky face buried deep

The bedding comfy


The cat is king here

Dogs run away have no fear

The guardians live


Tick tock goes the clock

The pendulum swings with ease

Minutes pass quickly











The light shining down

Heaven located on earth

Angels without wings



I love my Teddy

And I’m sure that he loves me

With hugs and cuddles



Difficult diets

They are all superficial

Eat less and do more



Xbox games to play

Take up time in all the days

No life left to lead



Close your eyes sleepy

Wrap up warm and cuddle up

Dreams will come swiftly



Art is all around

Everywhere you look you see it

Especially smiles



Study hard play hard

The time is yours as you wish

Spend, it can’t be saved.


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