My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity Tuesday

on October 2, 2008

I thought I heard a noise downstairs, a clicking noise, like someone putting a key into a lock and turning it.  I knew there was no-one down there though, we were both in bed and we had no guests, nor were we expecting any.  I lay completely still, the cover pulled down away from my face so I could listen, the snoring next to me soft in a dreams bliss unaware that there was anything wrong at all.  After a few seconds I heard the distinct sound of the front door swinging open, so I nudge him to wake him up, again I was listening for the noises downstairs.  A pair of eyes looked at me.

            “Can you hear it?”  I asked.

His head nodded and the door clicked back to, closing the person inside, a floor below us. 

            “Hello!”  The voice bellowed up the stairs, it was one I’d never heard before.  I sat bolt upright listening.  I saw him smile and he laughed at the picture on my face. 

            “It’s my brother.”  He said climbing out of bed.  I shook my head, it was late on in the night and I’d never met his brother, let alone knew he had a key.  I wiped my eyes groggily and crawled out of bed, slid on my dressing gown and climbed down the stairs slowly after him. 







My self image changes from day to day, the scar on my neck turns my smile upside down when I glance in the mirror, otherwise it gets left, unforgotten, unmentioned.  On a happy day my self image makes me grin, its like looking at my favourite flower floating on the pond.  Its leaves rustle in the wind the ripples on the water causing its path to be changed ever so slightly.  The breeze picking up its scent, a perfume that includes all the colours of the rainbow and pulls in all the leaves from the trees and the pine from the bark.  I love the flower, its stands proud, alone, able to take care of itself without rebuke, moveable and flexible able to share its pond with other flowers and creatures, able to mix its scent.




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