My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 4.1 Association

on October 2, 2008

The man that lives next door used to work nights and every morning he would get a phone call at 3am to wake him up.


Sidney the guinea pig used to scratch at his cage, I was really upset when he died.


I remember coming home from school one winter night to find Gran had bought a Border Collie puppy – and given him my fleece blanket!


Nana used to have a black leather sofa that you’d stick to in the summer and freeze on in the winter.  It had tares on the arms that were patched up with black scotch tape.


Cooking always makes me think of my Gran cooking Christmas dinner and already merry on Whiskey at ten in the morning.


Looking at my binder makes me think of all the others on my shelves at Grans.


Cross stitch reminds me of Alex’s first attempt at cross stitch from school that I still have somewhere.


Polished floors remind me of playing with Rosie, pushing her across the floor and watching her scramble back, her claws tapping on the floor to play.


When I think of the TV, I remember the two Westies that Karen had that used to jump up when they heard children or animals on the television and switch it off.


The smell of animals reminds me of going to fix a friends computer who owned seven show cats.  The house smelled like cat all over and made me itch.


I used to like hot black current with honey at Grans when I was poorly to make me feel better.


I never used to like coffee until Dave made me one entirely of milk, three weeks later I decided to make myself one, so put the milk in the kettle to heat it up and as you can imagine broke the kettle.


Dad always used to chew mint gum after a cigarette and I could smell it on his breath when he used to kiss me.


Gran has a footstool which she calls a ‘puffy’, for some reason it only has three wheels.  Roan once went flying because he didn’t know and it tippled over.


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