My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 2.7 A Letter from a Contradictory Charactr

on October 2, 2008


 27 Womald Place



PE12 5TS


Dear Mum,


I thought I would write to you and let you know how I’m doing over here in the UK.  The school systems are very different, the schools are run down the kids are all brats.  If they don’t have an attitude then I’ve begun to think there’s something wrong with them.  I’m used to being called all the names under the sun in the playground.  Me – a teacher, being called names!  It’s appalling, the language they use.  I’ve half a mind to wash their mouths out with soap and water.


I’ve got my classes worked out though, they all sit alone, away from friends so they can’t talk while I read, I’m fed up of handing out detentions – at least five each class.  The little retches persist in talking, chewing gum, and doodling on paper in stead of doing the work I’ve set.  I don’t think I’m getting anywhere with them.


I wish you were over here, I hate coming home to an empty house to mark more work… I could do with a friendly chat over a cuppa’ every now and again.   I’m really fed up, I feel like coming home sometimes after a hard day.  The kids all hate me.  They call me a dragon because I don’t let them do what they want in class, they laugh at the way I dress because I wear bright clothes and because I have red hair.  I just don’t seem to be able to connect with them over here.  They’re not like the kids back at home who have manners and are well brought up, their parents are just as bad, come in looking for an argument when their kids have been in detention after school.  I tell them off, I shout at them, I try reasoning with them and no matter what I do they just ignore me and do the opposite of what I say.


I’ve taken on a GCSE group that are supposed to be top set. They haven’t an ounce of self motivation between them.  I set some course work last week and out of the entire class only one got an A.  The story moved me; it was about a girl who had run away from home.  Anyway, I must go.


Your loving daughter.




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