My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 2.3 Morning Freewriting

on October 2, 2008


Tuesday 30th September 2008


The empty page glares back at me, unsure if that’s because I’m still tired after being unable to sleep for the past few nights or not.  I feel like I should be dozing off again… well to be truthful I do keep dozing, I can feel my head nodding forward before a blocked nose and a sore ear and tooth wake me up again.


I have the sensation of being out at sea, I feel like I’m bobbing up and down on an ocean and no matter how I do it makes me feel sickly even though I know that the bed is perfectly still and that the only bobbing is that of my own head.


My legs feel sore and the pain on the left side of my face is painful but I suppose life goes on.  He needs to get up in a few minutes so he can get ready to start work at ten and I’m looking after his Nan and Granddads dog Jack for the day so I’m going to sit outside and do some observation activities while I’m with him.  Hopefully the change will inspire me to write more – I’d like to try some more of the Japanese poetry now I have the hang of it too.  Right I’m going to get him up.



Wednesday 01 October 2008


I seem o be living on about 4 hours sleep a night; no wonder I’m feeling sickly and tired all the time.  I woke up dreaming about writing on the course forum that I’d just completed the last tutor marked assignment and still had no tutor to post any of them off to for marking and I wanted to know if anyone else had the same issue – it was as if the university had forgotten all about me.


I still have ear ache even after taking a higher dose of Tramadol and it’s still radiating into my temple, mouth and teeth making it feel ten times worse.  I’m glad I’ve finished the first three chapters and am about to start chapter four – Writing What You Come To Know.  It gives me plenty of time to concentrate on doing a high level assignment and lord knows at the moment I need some high marks.  If I do well in this course I will think about doing a Literature Degree and taking on another level 2 course in February.  I just don’t want to take on too much reading between Christmas and September which might slow this course down.  Iv found some really good techniques that I enjoy using and seem to work well for me.


Damn, Ive got an itchy back, I know, what a strange thing to write, but I write what I think… I need to scratch.  I just felt my shoulder crack so I could reach around to do that.  That bloody bird next door!  It’s off again!  I’m sure it only does it to wake me up at seven am because there’s only me that ever seems to hear it!  I sometimes wish I could take a shot at it with an air rifle from the bedroom window, shut it up once and for all.  It always makes me think of going shooting with Dad, collecting tin drink cans all fortnight before we went, throwing them in th river to shoot at and collecting them at the bottom with holes clearly identifying them as one of our targets and fishing them out like miniature trophies before taking them home to show Nana and Granddad, before recounting the entire days events while dad made us egg butties, always sunny side up.  Nana would make me a hot chocolate to warm up and Dad a cup of tea and we’d settle down in a big leather chair each or on the huge leather sofa that we could sink into at about seven o’clock in the evening.


I think Andrew next door is on an early start, i’ve just heard his car door slam close – the bird’s  stopped chirping now – that song makes me laugh, chirpy chirpy cheep cheep.  I feel all warm and claustrophobic as if I was in a lift, I’ve taken the cover off me.  The notebook is getting hot too.  I still feel rather dozey and I can hear a gentle patter of rain on the roof now.  I guess it will gwt harder before it stops lik it was last night  We’ll be indoors at cadets tonight I think, I’m glad we’re in jumper order too.  Means I can get away with a long sleeved shirt and no tie.  Thank God for that!  If I’ve still no tutor today I’m going to call the university to try and find out whats happening.


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