My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 2.1 5 minute observations

on October 2, 2008




From the warning about the loudness of the sink to the jingling keys opening the back door.  The rustle of bin liners going into the wheelie bin outside.  Bobby the hamster is rustling his bedding in his attic bedroom, too lazy to move, even after eight in the evening.  Heavy feet run up the stairs followed by the click of the bathroom door and then the dish washer starts.  Behind it all the noise of the television in the background that all the other noises in the house have to compete with.






Through the window the leaves flutter like the wings of a butterfly caught in the breeze.  Raindrops fall the sky, turning to tears, tracing a line down the glass window pane.  The grass seems greener somehow, the flowers bowed under the weight of the water pooling in their petals.  The wood of the outdoor set shines, moist, darker than usual like the weathers current mood.  The clouds cover the pallor of the sky making it seem unwell the wind fighting against them to bring back the sun, unexpected for the day.  The drops come faster piercing anything outside to its core, they come down at an angle like a bow from an arrow to their target.




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