My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 1.4 Wednesday

on October 2, 2008


I love my new hamster.   He’s eight weeks old and chubby.  I’ve called him Bobby, I don’t know how or why I came up with that name but it suits him to the ground.  It also fits with the Manchester United players theme that Andrew and his mum used to have for hamsters; apparently they had one called Giggs! So now Sir Bobby Charlton has a hamster named after him.  I’m sure he’d love that.  He was on a television advert recently, I think it was for Actimel or some sort of goodness drink that they charge a fortune for in the supermarket these days.  Especially since the price of everything seems to be soaring at the moment.  This credit crunch isn’t helping and I’m struggling to find work which really isn’t helping at all because I have a lot more going out than is coming in.  I’m sure most people are in the same situation, all because the Americans can’t stick to one financial plan and make it work, they get themselves into $10.5 billion of debt and expect everyone to be fine – they don’t seem to realise that if they take a hit to their stock markets then it affects everyone the world over.  There are banks and building societies folding by the week, unemployment is at a high and the lay offs from companies that can’t afford to keep running is only adding to that.  As is the amount of immigrants that are travelling from within the EU and getting work permits and study permits then going on to work in full time jobs when there are nationals who have similar skills but are less employable because they don’t have that second language or because a company doesn’t want to look like they are being racist.  Talk about racist, I know it sounds daft now and I have some very good friends that are from other cultures and racial backgrounds.  It seems to me though that my Granddad is right.  White people are now in the minority in this country.  I saw that especially growing up in Manchester in a city where people came from all countries and nations and followed all walks of life.  I noticed that it was worse in some areas more than others, like that Moston has a high amount of black people, but that Cheetham Hill has a high amount of Asian people, where as Tameside is predominantly white.  It shows that the area you live in can make a large difference to your stance on society, on different cultures, and even your schooling because of the amount of different religions in the area.  Times have changed for most and religion doesn’t play as high a part in the upbringing of most people, like for instance, I haven’t even been christened, yet my Nana went to a Convent school run by Catholic Nuns.  We’ve discussed christenings for our children but to be honest it isn’t something that I really want for them, I’m not going to pretend just to make a priest or vicar happy, that isn’t in my nature.  I’m sure our children will be happy and healthy whether or not we follow a religion or faith with them or not.  After all, Andrew and I are fine, aren’t we?



Wednesday’s Cluster – Heartache


Heartache is a term used in many different ways, sayings come to mind such as: ‘My heart aches for that person; it’s terrible what they’ve been through.’   Of course that’s just one use out of many.  My heart aches when I have an argument or a fight with someone I love, like a family member or my partner.  I feel guilty about making them sad, and regret the things that I’ve said and done; the mixture of these emotions makes my heart ache for that person.  It makes me want them to come back to me so I can apologise and start a fresh slate with them.

The day to day repetitiveness of life can cause heart ache and stress.  An ache to want to be somewhere else doing something else.  The task of constantly doing chores day in day out makes you need a break from the normal, a way to spice things up and prevent that longing that people get to be anybody but themselves.  Its like the shattered mirror after a fight when one person has walked out on another, the shards of glass are shattered like the remaining persons broken heart.

How do we prevent it then?  Its not a medical condition but there are cures and preventions for it.  If you’re in a stable happy relationship keep it that way, love cures all and fears nothing.  Try sharing the best and worst parts of your day with each other, taking time to listen as well as talk.  What about a nightly snuggle?  That pillow that is sometimes so difficult to get comfortable on is right next to another one – the shoulder of your partner.  Just being close to someone can help mend a broken heart.  Make sure you keep your partner in the full picture, no secrets.  If they haven’t seen the full picture yet paint it for them, take time and feel the joy of getting to know the best bits about one another as well as the bits that make you queasy.  A good friend knows all the worst bits about you and is still your friend.  A relationship should be the same.  Take time to get to know one another intimately, go for nice long walks somewhere scenic where you can talk alone.  Meet each others family and take the good with the bad.  Make plans for the future but more importantly, make time for today.



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